Sheikh Amin Al Dishnawi - Sufi Singer

Based in Dishna, born in the early seventies. Main Munshid of the Sufi brotherhood ‘Usba Hashimiyya.

Here another beautiful cassette from Egypt.

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Sheikh Amin al-Dishnawi is now a key figure in the world of the mûn-shiddin (singers of the inshad suffiya, the Sufi chant of Upper Egypt). The mûshid is the last great personage of the Egyptian popular world. He is at the same time a man of faith, a singer, a poet, an actor, a prophet, and a little magician. 
It is treated with deference but demand, for, like any artist in representation, he must constantly give the best of himself.

Amin al-Dishnawi, who is only about thirty years old, has already achieved a great reputation close to his elders, such as Ahmad al-Tuni or Yasin al-Tuhami. But each of these characters has its own character. 
To the scenic delirium of Ahmad al-Tuni and the shadowy tearing of Yasin al-Tuhami, is opposed the almost naive simplicity of Sheikh Amin al-Dishnawi.

Amin al-Dishnawi possesses the perfect prerogative of the holy man, he is affable and polite, (in the Arab sense adab which means to behave well with his entourage). The radiance of his gaze makes it easier to understand how ecstatic research is, perhaps, only an attempt to rediscover the wonder of childhood.

The madrib (aspirants to the presence of God), the magdoub (crazy of God delighted by ecstasy), love the holiness that Amin al-Dishnawi releases, the ability to reveal the divine which will facilitate the state of trance Dhikr, the Sufi ritual dance. 
Amin al-Dishnawi is supposed to possess a very great "baraka", the one that can spill over an assembly in search of exceptional.

For the mundshid is above all a transmitter: It is by his inspiration and ability to declaim the great poetic texts that the audience will obtain the feeling of deliverance proper to these ceremonies.

Revelation, in a traditional society, remains the fundamental driving force behind inspiration, as opposed to our secular world animated by the idea of ​​art as an emanation of human creativity.

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